Promotion of Sustainable Business and Arts

Promotion of Sustainable Business and Arts - ETHICANDO Association

ETHICANDO Association was legally established in Milan on Oct. 2, 2008.

It is a Non Profit Organization (NPO) of associative character, which promotes the development of international sustainable business and cultural and artistic initiatives by optimizing the expectations of stakeholders involved.

Mostly in partnership with universities and other public and/or private entities, Italian and/or foreign, it carries out:

Study and Research about all interdisciplinary subjects of economics and ethics, with primary regard to Corporate Social Reporting (CSR);

Training in the field of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), not forgetting the related technical aspects of environmental and cultural sustainability and of marketing, including through the promotion of university courses (masters, professional courses, etc.), implementing synergies and educational applications, which will contribute to the creation and training of new professionals in the fields of ethics and cultural management and marketing;

- Communication in the field of ethics business, in particular the organization of conferences, art exhibitions, workshops and events in general, which represent an opportunity for dialogue between the different players in the market, as well as an opportunity to promote NPO activities especially in terms of the performances of the various activities.

Special attention is given to the world of ART, both in terms of promotion of new talent, both in terms of enhancing the artistic and cultural Italian heritage, especially in its historical and perspective relations with that of other countries, trying to develop virtuous bridges between the various cultures in order to achieve the maximization of their effects on reference territories.

The NPO has developed multiple activities, all successful and positive appreciation from the users, partners and various stakeholders.

ETHICANDO Association, via Uberto Visconti Di Modrone n. 38 - 20122 Milano (MI) (Italy), Tax Code 97507070155, VAT 09094650968. For voluntary contributions: Banca Prossima, Piazza Paolo Ferrari. 10 - 20121 Milano (MI) (Italy), IBAN: IT27F0335901600100000124491
Contact the Presidency by mail [], in a short time we will be given to you reply to any request for information.



ETHICANDO Association has collaborated in the production of the films "GIANTS IN MILAN" by Pino Farinotti, in partnership with the City of Milan, the Interactive Museum of Cinema (MIC), the Central Library Palazzo Sormani in Milan, the MEDEC Institute in Milan, UNIT Communications in Milan and various public and private entities. The movies are all distributed in Italy and in the European Union by DNA Distribution.
The films tell the story of Milan by its protagonists, namely through the incomparable characters who over the centuries have had close relations with the Lombard capital, making the territory the main stage for their deeds and works. The format is innovative and successful: Pino Farinotti, around the city by bike, contextualizes stories and anecdotes showing streets, monuments and palaces, making impressive and captivating narrative.

Among the historical figures narrated: Leonardo da Vinci, Stendhal, Napoleone Bonaparte, Hemingway, Enrico Mattei, Indro Montanelli, Alessandro Manzoni, Gio Ponti, l'Imperatore Costantino.

With the same format some of the movies, always telling through the great characters of reference, address issues dear to Milan, such as fashion, contemporary art, publishing, and monuments representing the city in the world, such as the Duomo, La Scala Theatre, the Sforzesco Castle, the Piccolo Teatro of Milan.

Here are some of the prestigious personalities that have intervened in various ways in one or more films: Andrea Bellati (director),Giacomo Favilla (director)Francesco Alberoni, Gianantonio Borgonovo, Ferruccio De Bortoli, Maria Di Freda, Carla Fracci, Alexander Pereira, Giuliano Pisapia, Luciana Savignano, Alfonso Signorini, Marco Eugenio Di Giandomenico, Mario Boselli, Lella e Gigliola Curiel, Beppe Modenese, Maria Luisa Trussardi, Ornella Vanoni, Daniela Azzola, Rita Airaghi, Carlo Andreacchio, Mario Cervi, Filippo Del Corno, Angelo Stella, Francesco Martelli, Rossella Farinotti, Lorenzo Castellani, Marina Messina, Stefano Parise, Andrea G. Pinketts, Alberto Pirovano, Giulio Sapelli, Danka Giacon, Flavio Arensi, Domenico Piraina, Massimiliano Gioni, Francesca Alfano Miglietti, Vincenzo De Bellis, Michele Bonuomo, Giancarlo Politi, Helena Kontova, Vincenzo Todoli, Antonietta Bucci, Luciano Cantarutti, Diego Sileo, Christina Schenk, Francesca Laplaca, Patrizia Brusarosco, Caroline Corbetta, Thomas Berra, Claudio Salsi, Giovanna Mori.

Each film is presented as part of a great event specially organized by ETHICANDO Association in partnership with public and/or private entities, directed by Marco Eugenio Di Giandomenico, with the presence of eminent personalities of the institutions, of culture, of entrepreneurship, the professions and the university. Each event includes a gala dinner, with a fascinating variation of food and wine in key EXPO 2015, under the direction of chef exception.

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